We know you're more excited about the countries you are going to visit rather than the insurance itself. That's why Beach Financial Group make securing coverage as easy as possible.

Global health insurance

As an expat, you are unlikely to be covered by your home country insurance. (E.G: National Health Service in the U.K) Travelling outside of your home country shouldn’t mean you comprise on your healthcare. We want you to focus on exploring your country of travel not worrying about your healthcare coverage. That’s why the team here at Expat Health Insurance part of Beach Financial Group are focused on helping expats find the best possible international healthcare insurance for you and your family.

International insurance plans

International insurance plans are curated specifically for the individual who lives abroad or is travelling outside of their home country.

If the unthinkable happens and you or your family member need medical attention, by having a global insurance plan you have an access to a global network of doctors, emergency aid and avoid the huge medical cost that can be consequence of not having suitable coverage whilst abroad.

Expat health insurance

Expat health insurance is the one stop shop for Expat Health Insurance regardless if you are travelling under 12 months or you spend a majority of the year outside your home country.

We have carried out extensive research to provide you with an array of products to choose from.

Make sure you’re suitably covered whilst away from home.

Who is International insurance for?

  • Expatriates living abroad alone or with their families
  • Students and interns
  • Young people with "Working Holiday Visas"
  • Self-employed persons or company employees

Besides international health insurance what other coverage's should I consider?

Many people over look certain benefits when abroad? We recommended people also consider
  • Optical/Dental coverage
  • Maternity coverage
  • Repatriation for health reasons to face emergency situations in the event of accident, disease, serious problems or death
  • Death & disability to protect you from the delicate situations in life: death, dependence, loss of autonomy, etc

What’s the difference with between Global health Insurance and Travel Insurance?

Global Health Insurance
Global Health Insurance is designed for individuals, families and groups of any country who require comprehensive medical cover whether you are in your home country or living overseas.

This type of insurance creates flexibility. You control the level of cover and policy deductibles (excesses). If you have existing medical conditions, you can still apply.
Travel Insurance


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