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Corporate International Insurance Plans are designed for two or more employees. This type of insurance can be utilized for many reasons. Here are some of the usual scenarios where Corporate International Insurance may be of value to your company.

  • You have staff in your London office coming to your San Francisco office for a few months.
  • The C-level employees travel frequently to meet with clients all over the world.

Your company is a major sponsor for an annual event outside of your home country. If the event gets cancelled this would protect your employees whilst they are outside of their home country and protect your investment. (sponsorship of the event)


Why is International Group Insurance for my employees important?

As the employer you need to inform your employees of the risks whilst they are travelling. When employees are travelling overseas on behalf of your corporation it is it is important to make sure your employees are sufficiently insured. Give your employees piece of mind they are protected against injuries, accidents and travel cancelations.

What does international corporate health insurance cover?



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Medical Coverage

This covers hospital and medical care facility visits whilst abroad.

Please note, make sure you and your employees understand their coverage limits and out-of-pocket expenses.

Life and Body Insurance

Coverage will pay an indemnity up to the covered amount for loss of functioning limbs or life while abroad.

And as a last resort will cover transportation of a body back home from abroad.

Baggage and Document Protection

Lost or stolen baggage?

Missing travel documents?

Coverage will help protect this type of loss. It will also provide emergency funds for personal necessities needed.

Trip Protection

Probably one of the most desirable aspects of travel insurance is Trip protection. This will cover trip cancellations or interruptions which is very useful in situations where flights are cancelled, delayed or the event your employees were attending has been cancelled.

All of our plans are customizable.

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